Greenheath Tournament 12th June 2016

Please find below the draw for Sunday 12th. Games will commence at a slighter earlier time of 10.45am on Ground number one. We thank Thomas Clayton and Sophie Hughes for their sponsorship this weekend and also a very happy birthday to both Thomas and Belinda Schofield.

10.45   Gally's Farm v Iceni, Umpire pony from Gally's Farm

12.00 Mansfield v Vicarage Farm, Umpire from Mansfield

13.15  Pink Gins v Silver Leys, Umpire from Silver Leys

14.30 Innventure v High Summer, Umpire from Innventure

15.30 Abbot Hall v Lambourne, Umpire from Lambourne

16.45  Fabio's Fillies v CCPC, Umpire from Fabio's fillies

Have fun!

The management